Twin Sitting Cabins

Step into collaborative excellence within our Double Sitting Cabins at Office2.0. These cabins, designed for pairs or small teams, offer a harmonious balance of luxury and functionality. Each desk within the cabin comes with dedicated lease line connectivity, providing a secure and high-speed internet connection for seamless collaboration.

The Double Sitting Cabin is bathed in natural light, creating an open and inspiring atmosphere. Ergonomic furniture ensures comfort for both occupants, fostering a conducive environment for teamwork and creativity. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the integration of solar energy to power the cabin, reducing our environmental impact and ensuring a reliable energy source.

In the event of power fluctuations, inverters seamlessly provide backup power, guaranteeing uninterrupted collaboration. Routers are strategically placed to ensure a stable and reliable connection for virtual meetings and calls, facilitating seamless communication. The Double Sitting Cabin at Office2.0 redefines the collaborative workspace, offering a premium environment where creativity and productivity thrive within a luxurious and sustainable co-working setting.