Fixed Desk

Your Fixed Desk at Office2.0 comes with more than just a dedicated workspace—it comes with a personalized, high-speed internet experience. With dedicated lease line connectivity for each desk, you can rely on a secure and swift connection for all your professional needs. Natural light floods the area, creating an energizing and productive atmosphere.

Sustainability is at the core of our Fixed Desk offering. Solar energy powers the desks, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a reliable energy source. Inverters stand ready to provide backup power in case of outages, guaranteeing uninterrupted work. Routers are strategically placed for seamless connectivity, ensuring that your virtual meetings and calls proceed without interruption.

The Fixed Desk area at Office2.0 is a testament to the harmonious integration of luxury, technology, and sustainability. It's not just a desk; it's a carefully designed workspace that caters to your professional success while contributing to a more sustainable future.